HORT travels

Exploring the horticultural beauty in every adventure.

About HORTtravels & About Me

I explore a lot. It may be along a rail trail near my house, a quick stop in a park on the way home from work or it may be in another country. Besides being outdoors, the thing that ties all of my adventures together is plants. Through HORTtravels, I plan to share with you my horticultural findings, their fascinating natural history and their connection in our world.

My passion is plants, and getting people excited about plants. I find plants intriguing and exciting.  I want people to connect to plants and understand how truly amazing they are. I want readers to see how plants impact everyone’s lives whether through beauty, economics or health. Ultimately my goal is to have my sisters, not “plant people”, and folks like my sisters want to read this blog, to look forward to the new postings. I also would love for all of my “hort” friends to learn something from each post. These are the goals of HORTravels. I think plants tell amazing stories. Keep coming back for stories of travel, American choices of food and ornament, environmental impacts, natural history , personal connection and just really fascinating information about the world of plants that surrounds us.

So won’t you please follow me and the plants on a journey?


To learn more about me view my LinkedIn Profile.

To see a different kind of writing please visit my poetry blog.


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One thought on “About HORTtravels & About Me

  1. I recently learned you’re a DVU alumni. As a member of the DUV Alumni Executive Committee, the Public Relations Committee would love to feature your blog as one of our Weekly Alumni Blogger features on Twitter. If you’re interested in more details, please email me at delvalalumassn (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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